What is MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is a technology standard for controlling a nearby smartphone from the steering wheel or via dashboard buttons and screens. The technology leverages a vehicle's controls and displays to give consumers access to their smartphone apps while driving, allowing them to be connected and responsible at the same time.

For mobile app developers, MirrorLink is a one-stop shop to design apps that integrate with cars. For OS vendors and handset manufacturers, MirrorLink extends brand experience into cars. For regulators, MirrorLink offers a sensible alternative to the outright prohibition of smartphone use while driving. For mobile operators, MirrorLink makes it possible to continue delivering mobile services to subscribers while they are behind the wheel. And for consumers, MirrorLink makes connected driving safer and more enjoyable.

What do I need to enjoy MirrorLink Technology in my car?

To experience MirrorLink technology in your vehicle, three items are needed, which consist of the following:

1) A JVC MirrorLink Compatible In-Dash Receiver

2) A MirrorLink Compatible Smartphone Device (Click here to see all compatible smartphones)

3) MirrorLink application software for your compatible smart phone device (Click below for more information regarding Samsung DriveLink and Nokia's Car Mode Applications)
Samsung Drive Link Software Page
Nokia Car Mode Software Page

Application and receiver software is continually updated to add new features and functions to MirrorLink products.

What smart phones are currently available with MirrorLink technology?

For Samsung, the Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) is currently supported.

For Nokia, Smartphone models 603, 700, 701, X7, E7, C6-01, C7, and N8 are currently supported. Nokia models X7, E7, C6-01, C7, and N8 require OS update to Nokia Belle before use with MirrorLink.

Where can I find MirrorLink Software for my compatible smartphone?

Samsung Drive Link Software Page
Nokia Car Mode Software Page

Is MirrorLink Technology difficult to use?

No, MirrorLink Technology is designed specifically for in-car use and is very easy to operate. Once the proper software is installed on your compatible smart-phone device, all you have to do is plug the phone into a JVC MirrorLink compatible receiver's MicroUSB port and the application launches automatically. Key functions are broken down into large on-screen icons for Navigation, Hands-Free Phone Calling, and Music playback for easy visibility and access while driving.